Our goal is to provide fast, informal, reassuring and informed client service, tailored to the individual needs of our client’s business. We believe in creating a dialogue with our clients and have the expertise to explain the issues so that our clients can make educated decisions. We understand that our client’s time is valuable and aim to make the insurance process as efficient and painless as possible.


Professional firms need to constantly review their employee benefits ensuring they are fit for purpose and value for money.

We provide a fully independent insurance broking service to businesses of all sizes.

Claims handling

The acid test of an insurance policy is that it pays out when called upon. We make sure that we fully understand our clients’ businesses and needs to ensure that their policy can be relied upon.

Reducing Absence

Offering a range of health-related employee benefits is proven to have a direct impact on both absence and presenteeism rates. A business can only flourish if its staff are as fit, healthy and engaged as they can be.

Retaining and recruiting the best people

Potential employees regularly turn down job offers due to the lack of employee benefits. In order to both recruit and retain your best staff, your business must compete not only in salary, but the benefits package as a whole.