Health Screenings are available at different levels dependent on your lifestyle, age, or specific healthcare needs. The Health Screening benefit is a range of assessments of your current health in order to advise on any potential health concerns and the measures that can be taken to aid an active and healthy lifestyle.

The main aim of this service for your employees is to be proactive about their lifestyle choices and to keep them healthy and happy. This could be their physical fitness by assessing their BMI, Body Composition, or Height and Weight Measurements; or their mental health by completing a Lifestyle Questionnaire and checking stress levels, then providing techniques and expertise on how to help better improve certain aspects of your employees’ day to day life.

When the need for more in-depth checks are required, a Health Screening can assist with this with blood tests which can be checked for Diabetes and Cholesterol, and a full blood test to check for anaemia and kidney and liver function. Male employees have the opportunity to request Testicular Examinations and Prostate Cancer Blood Tests and Female employees are eligible for Gynaecological, Breast, and Thyroid examinations.

If after any of the assessments further tests are required then your employees can be referred for these, be it private or NHS based.