Health insurance shouldn’t be a pain.


Brunel Employee Benefits has teamed up with healthcare specialist Equipsme to make finding cover simple.

Our Solo and Group plans are designed especially for businesses, from self-employed to multiple employees, and their families.

Our partnership puts a world of healthcare services at your fingertips.

Once you’re connected, you’ll have 24/7 GP access, physio sessions, stress support and access to specialists for tests, scans and treatments, all at the touch of a button.


Affordable, accessible, award-winning cover, starting from £8 per person per month. What’s stopping you?





When you’re self-employed, your foot stays firmly on the gas. Your business is your livelihood, and you’re at the forefront.

Should you fall ill, there’s more pressure to recover and return to work ASAP to keep your business thriving.

Being your own boss means working longer hours. This in turn gives you less personal time. When paired with long GP waiting lists, getting a quick diagnosis can seem an impossible task.

Cue Equipsme’s Solo Plans.




Our exclusive policies connect you with healthcare professionals for any medical worry, from doctors and nurses to physio and counselling. They make looking after yourself easier, allowing your business to grow and prosper.


Solo plans are created with you and your busy lifestyle in mind. With medical professionals only a few taps away, you can be on the road to recovery in record time.




As an entrepreneur, you’ve invested time and money into building your team.

This team is at the heart of your business. Their health and wellbeing – or lack thereof – have a direct impact on company success.

With our Group plans, your team can skip long NHS wait times and speak to a doctor outside of working hours. This allows them to receive a diagnosis, recover and return to work more quickly.

They can also access a range of practical health and wellbeing benefits, all from top service providers.

Our packages add value to your employee benefits package to attract and retain talent, all while supporting the health and wellbeing of your team.



Why Equipsme?

Businesses spend time ensuring their team is effective and their health plays a huge role in that. A strong workforce is at the core of any business and if an employee was to fall ill or suffer an injury, it could have a negative impact on the business. Equipsme offers easy access to diagnosis and qualifying treatment, with a range of practical health and wellbeing benefits from top class service providers.

Equipsme allows the opportunity for businesses to obtain flexible and affordable health insurance. With prices starting from as low as £8 per person per month, these packages can add value to your employee benefits package to help attract and retain top talent, while supporting the health and wellbeing of your team.